Rogue Trader: The Stars Beyond

Into the Maw

Receiving a message from a man named Orbest Dray, the Rogue Trader Darius and his command crew visited Port Wander to receive valuable information from Darius’ great-grandfather. The group was attacked in the Court of the Dead by a psyker, Lady Ash, in the service of rival Rogue Trader Hadarak Fel. Evading the psyker and killing her hired guns, Darius found that the information directed him to the long-lost wreck of a treasure ship called the Righteous Path.

Sensing a chance for profit, Darius and crew set out to beat Fel to the treasure ship; traveling into the Maw, the Iron Cerberus stopped at the Battleground, where they saved a pilgrim ship and fought off a pair of raiders, acquiring a new ship for the growing fleet in the process. After this encounter in the Battleground, the Iron Cerberus, triumphant, exited the Maw.

Traveling to the Magoros system – where the lost treasure ship is rumored to be found – Darius and his crew investigate the system, finding an ancient, mostly-buried labyrinth from the long-lost Egarian Dominion containing the Star Mirror, which pointed the way to the derelict Righteous Path, and again encountering Lady Ash as she ran afoul of a group of marauding Orks.

Moving out into the Shard Halo asteroid field, the Iron Cerberus and its crew discover the long-lost treasure ship and board it. As they make their way to the abandoned bridge, Lady Ash makes her final appearance, attacking Darius and the other crew with a pair of servitors – before being swiftly cut down. At the same time, Hadarak Fel attacks in his own ship, and the Iron Cerberus faces off against the Fell Hand – resulting in the Fell Hand suffering catastrophic damage before its void engines implode, destroying it. Victorious, Darius and his crew take possession of their prize, netting themselves a tidy profit.


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