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Port Wander is the last bastion of the Imperium’s power before the vast, unexplored are of the Koronus Expanse. It is populated by a large transitory population, whether they are merchants, spies, missionaries, explorers, or voidsmen, along with Administratum bureaucrats and Adeptus Mechanicus techpriests.

From space, Port Wander looks like a small Gothic city hovering in the void. High spires and cathedral towers rise above the lower levels, and long piers protrude from the station, allowing larger vessels to dock. There are numerous smaller shuttle bays around the station as well, allowing the transfer of cargo and crew easily. Construction and maintenance are occurring constantly as the station expands. The underside of the station is taken up by vast repair yards, where work is constantly underway to repair and upgrade the stream of vessels passing through. The station has a vast array of weapons systems to defend itself, as well as a number of heavily-armed monitor craft patrolling around it.

Locations Inside Port Wander

Command Deck: This room contains dozens of consoles and displays, often partially obscured by incense smoke; the weapons systems of the station are controlled from here.
The Sensorium: Occupying one of the main spires near the center of the station, the Sensorium houses vast auspex displays monitoring the movements of all slips nearby and at the station, keeping careful logs.
Communication Stations: These stations, either the Vox Centre Office (for in-system messages) or the station’s Astropathic Choir-Sanctum (for longer-range communications), handle most communication to and from the station.
Medicae: The station has a variety of medicae facilities, ranging from top-notch for those who can afford premium care to crude hospices who tend to those with no other hope and no way to pay.
Crew Quarters: All Naval personnel, whether permanently stationed on Port Wander or simply visiting, are quartered in the Central Bastion.
Barracks: These Spartan quarters serve as living space for Imperial Guardsmen while their transports are docked at the station, as well as any brigades employed by visiting Rogue Traders.
Stockades and Pressment Centres: These areas are where, in the case of the stockades, discipline for Naval personnel aboard the station is carried out, and in the case of the pressment centres, where those poor souls who have been impressed into service are housed before joining a ship’s crew – however involuntarily.
The Underdecks: As the station has been built up over the years, the lowest decks have slowly been abandoned by official personnel; these underdecks are now occupied only by the desperate and the criminal.
Adeptus Arbites Precinct Complex: The headquarters of the stations’ Arbitrators detachment, this heavily fortified complex at the bottom of the Central Bastion is where the Imperium’s lawmen faithfully serve the Emperor and his laws.
The Chamber of Gold: This great chamber is where the money changers, bankers, and merchant factors do their business. They are watched over by heavily-armored guards, ever-vigilant for any attempt to interfere with business.
The Court of the Dead: A wide open area some 300 meters across, the Court of the Dead is a vast market where many things can be found for sale – from food and drink to cybernetic augmentation. For the right price, almost anything – legal or not – can be found here, and consequently it is almost always crowded.
Gambling Dens: Because of the constant presence of Rogue Traders and their crews on the station, there are a number of gambling dens that make their living here. From the high-roller’s paradise in Rota Fortunae to the constantly moving, borderline criminal Last Chance, there is always some game of chance to be found.
The Solstice Imperialis: A derelict pilgrim ship abandoned at the station, over the centuries it has been worked into Port Wander, becoming part of the station; now it houses hundreds of chapels and sanctuaries devoted to various sects and cults of the Imperial faith.

Port Wander

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